What’s In Your Chewing Gum?

Consumer Ingredients

Do you chew gum?

What is your reason?Image

Do you  know the ingredients?

In my book, A Consumer’s Dictionary of Food Additives, I concentrated on food but recently I came across some of the ingredients in chewing gum—a $19 billion dollar industry[1] and I was intrigued about their claims.

Most of us chew gum because we like to chew for taste or to calm stress but gum manufacturers give us other reasons, particularly for diet and sugar-free gums.


A number of gums are using xylitol with the blessing of some dentists because it has been reported to sharply reduce cavities.as an ingredient. One manufacturer claims”:This all-natural sweetener and Super Hero of Oral Awesomeness works as a catalyst for your mouth’s natural defenses, quenches dry mouth, and does more than you probably imagine”. Xylitol has been reported to sharply reduce cavities in teeth. Unlike sugar…

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