th[2]Do you worry about your under arm odor?
If more men are not shaving their faces  today, they may be encouraged to shave under their arms instead.
Procter and Gamble researchers just published a paper in March in The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology: The title was “A comparative clinical study of different hair removal procedures and their impact on axillary odor reduction in men”

The article noted:
“Excessive sweat and the resulting unpleasant odor are reported to adversely affect self-confidence and both men and women. Body odor, in particular, is perceived by unpleasant by most cultures worldwide”.

There is more, however, to underarm odor than meets the nose. Contrary to popular belief, sweat has no odor; It is the action of bacteria that produces the unpleasant odor of stale sweat.

The P&G researchers concluded that shaving the hair under the arms and then washing with soap and water is the most effective way to get rid of the smell. We may, however wash away our sex appeal.

Hair under the arms is specifically designed to collect the odor of the secretion of sweat producing apocrine scent glands. Children do not have the characteristic of adults and older people do not have less body odor, lending weight to the belief
that apocrines in human are sex-pheromone producers.
Since all humans have special scent glands, it can be assumed they communicate.

In 1959, researchers coined the word “pheromone” (from the Greek “pherein” meaning to carry and “hormone” meaning to excite and stimulate to describe certain substances produced by the glands of animals. At first, it was though that pheromones existed only in insects. Soon scientists realized that this form of smell attractant was also used by mammals including humans.

The scientists, particularly in the perfume industry are still trying to develop a synthetic human sex attractant. In the meantime, reasonable smelling sweat from under arm hair may do the job naturally.

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