Triumph Over Tension

Welcome to Consumer Ingredients.  Our site demystifies the staggering array of ingredients in the food you eat and the cosmetics you wear.   We’ll help you get  past the sales hype and  understand which products are worth your hard earned money and the ones that are not worth the health risks that come with them.

Triumph Over Tension

My new book, Triumph Over Tension is now available.
Change and technology are two of the greatest challenges today among tension-inducers. Tension strikes anyone who is faced with an uncomfortable life situation. Tension may be a normal part of our everyday activity and without it we would find life dull and our productivity low. But there is a difference between beneficial and harmful tension. The latter may contribute to ill health ranging from a mild emotional upset to severe physical and mental impairment and even death.

In this book, I present the latest research in the field of neuropsychology and the many effective methods of Triumphing Over Tension at work, at home, while traveling, in bed, and when a loss is suffered.The book includes self-evaluation tests which will help readers determine how tense they are and then give them many methods to help counteract tension when it occurs—thus avoiding much of the anxiety and stress it causes.

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