I wanted to know what the ingredients were in the widely promoted “new” miracle anti-aging products. Since I have written seven editions of A Consumers’ Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients (Crown Publishers), I wanted to find out about the ingredients. I sent for various “free” samples of the products. I filled out my address and foolishly gave them my credit card number for the $4.95 “delivery fee”. A few days later, I looked at my monthly credit card bill and there were numerous debits for $89-$95 for my “Free samples” (To be automatically taken out every month).

Useful Info From Viewer Patricia Sarmiento

Thanks Pat! I believe this is a very good roundup, especially since I just recovered from an asthma attack myself. I wish you the best with your site. Ruth With 55% of Americans testing positive for reaction to one or more allergens, awareness of potential sensitivities and reactions can help generate positive outcomes sooner, before…